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ACA MassIG Sponsored
Mothers' Day Weekend Two-Day Zoom Marathon

What: ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics and Other Family Dysfunction)
is a 12-Step Fellowship that helps people that were raised in a
dysfunctional family of origin.

Why: Children raised in a dysfunctional home develop self-doubt
and fear that impacts their ability to function as adults.
Together we slowly release our ways of coping that served us
as children, but do not serve us as adults.
"The Laundry List" at
is something that many of us found eye opening.

Sat, 5/13/2023 Evening (6pm-9pm Eastern)
Sun, 5/14/2023 All Day (7am-9pm Eastern)

How to attend:
Mtg ID: 874 7239 0347
Passcode: No Passcode
Or Click: Here

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ACA MassIG Sponsored
Sibling Enmeshment & Codependence:
Bringing the Family Drama to a Close

Did you seek love and protection from siblings, but instead received
apathy or antagonism (BRB p. 19)? As a child or teen, were you
parentified or infantilized in sibling interactions? Do you still
feel like a child when interacting with siblings (BRB p. 296)?

Siblings often have different experiences growing up in the same household.
In The Drama Triangle (Traits Workbook, p. 152), we have played the roles of
authority figure (persecutor), scapegoat (victim), family hero (rescuer), mascot
or lost child (BRB p. 97). These roles could be shifted to a brother or sister, but
could also be shifted onto us.

As we explore our inner family, we begin to see parallels with our family of origin.
When we identify the roles we play and confront the denial and family secrets that
fuel the Game of Dissociation, we can begin to find courage to be our true selves.
Opting for discernment over judgement (BRB p. 148), we can consider withdrawing
from the Game of Dissociation and codependence.

Same content on two days!
Sat, 05/27/2023 (10am – 11am Eastern)
Sun, 05/28/2023 (11am – 12pm Eastern)

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How to attend:
Mtg ID: 876 8758 6150
Passcode: No Passcode

Download Flyer to Share at Your Meetings: Here!