“The purpose of service in ACA is to support one another in becoming responsible for our own well-being.”

“Our feelings of self-worth and adequacy start to grow as we successfully re-parent ourselves, and we begin to trust our ability to love and serve others. We give service just by being present to support and encourage other members of the program as they make the transition from frightened adult children to whole human beings who are capable of acting with the spontaneity of a child and the wisdom of a mature adult. This central concept underlies and supports all forms of service. …by uniting in service, we create a program for living which provides a sane alternative to the insanity of family alcoholism.”


ACA includes sponsorship as an essential part of the ACA program. There is an entire chapter devoted to it; Chapter 11. If you do not have any meetings in your town, there are phone meetings and internet meetings where a person can find the ability to include sponsorship into their recovery program. There are many forms of sponsorship in ACA

Starting a Meeting

“Starting a new meeting requires determination and work, but the reward of watching others find the ACA way of life is worth it.”


The best way to be of service on the Intergroup level is to become the intergroup rep for your meeting! You can also just attend the Monthly Intergroup meeting itself, you'll always be welcome!


Attending the Monthly Intergroup will help you get knowledgable about siging up for regional service.